Full Size Replica Prop Cyberman Helmet To Be Won.

Posted: May 30, 2013

This full size Doctor Who prop could be yours, by pre-booking your Exewing Sci-Fi Day ticket you will automatically be entered into a special prize draw to win this full size Earthshock Cyberman Helmet as pictured above! 

Further tickets for the Cyberman Helmet Prize Draw can be bought on the day by all attendees, but each Pre-Booked Exewing Sci-Fi Day Ticket holder will have one free prize draw entry ticket included in their pack, which will be given out on the day.

To pre-book your tickets please follow this link.

This full size fibreglass replica has been made, finished and kindly donated, by Daniel O’ Keeffe.

Thank you Dan, your generosity is very much appreciated.


earthshock cyberman prop earthshock cyberman prop2 earthshock cyberman prop1



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