Star Wars Day 3 - Exewing Fundraisers

Star Wars Day 3

Sunday, 21st February 1999


Raised for:
Exeter Lukaemia Fund

Star Wars Day 3 Guests

Michael Sheard - Admiral Ozzel

Micheal Sheard
Admiral Ozzel

Star Wars Day 3 Report

Well we made it to a third day, some said it would never happen!

Having out-grown the pub we had to move to a new location, the local school never knew what hit them!!

Hundreds of people attended this event raisng a total of £2400 for The Exeter Leukaemia Fund.

The guests in attendance were;

Michael Sheard and Warwick Davies made very welcome returns.

Joining them were two extremely nice gentlemen, Garrick Hagon (Biggs Darklighter) and Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett).

Although Drewe Henley wasn’t able to attend the event itself, we did manage to reunite him with Garrick Hagon the night before. This was the first time the two members of Red Squadron had met since filming Star Wars.

Jeremy Bulloch is the total opposite of his Fett alter-ego, a more pleasant Gent would be hard to find. Jeremy’s knowledge of his character is very extensive and he thrilled attendee’s with his knowledge all day.

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