Star Wars Day 1 - Exewing Fundraisers

Star Wars Day 1

Sunday, 21st September 1997


Raised for:
Exeter Lukaemia Fund

Star Wars Day 1 Guests

Drew Henley - Red Leader

Drewe Henley
Red Leader

Star Wars Day 1 Report

Star Wars Day 1, Ah, the humble beginnings!

A very modest affair, held in the function room of a town centre bar in Honiton

Attended by approximately 100 people and raising over £500 for charity, the organisers considered it a success and certainly something different for the people of Honiton!

Drewe Henley (Red Leader in A New Hope) very kindly attended as the guest of honour, this was his first convention and he enjoyed it immensely.

Drewe has conitinued to be a strong supporter of The Exewing group and has become a good friend.

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